Our volunteers allow Keiro Northwest to do so much more for the residents and participants than we ever could on our own. They serve in an endless variety of ways but have one trait in common: generosity that comes from a deep, compassionate sense of caring for the residents and participants of our programs.

Nikkei Manor

Serve as chaperone or driver on a field trip

Escort a resident shopping

Assisted with BINGO on an afternoon

Assist with gardening and maintenance

Provide entertainment

Kokoro Kai

Drive participants from their homes to the program

Serve tea, snacks, and lunch to participants

Co-lead light exercises

Help participants with arts and crafts

Lead sing-alongs

Lead book discussion

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Work a shift at the Keiro Northwest booth at a community festival

Anything else you can think of! We’re open to your creative ideas!

Contact Mariko Ueno, Life Enrichment Director, for volunteer opportunities at mueno@keironw.org