Respite Stays at
Nikkei Manor


Temporary care for your loved one.

We offer Respite for seniors who are looking for short-term
quality care. Whether you’d like to stay for a week or a full month,
you’ll find the social enrichment, relaxation and care you’re looking
for – because after all, rest and care is what Respite is all about.

Our Respite Program also offers families and caregivers
a chance to enjoy their own time, with the comfort of knowing
that their loved one is in a comfortable, caring setting.

Safe and comfortable surroundings

With a Respite stay, your loved one will have full access to everything we offer at Nikkei Manor.

  • 24-hour caregivers
  • Engaging activities, exercise, and access to our Kokoro Kai Adult Day Program
  • Three full meals a day with assistance to and from the dining room
  • Bilingual (Japanese/English) staff, volunteers, and programming
  • Support with medications and other needs
  • Comfortable rooming, meals, and activities

Have questions about respite?

Respite means “a short period of rest or relief.” Respite Care is a short-term stay (30 days or less) in an Assisted Living where there is 24-hour care.

Why Choose Respite Care?

A break for families providing care for their loved ones

A solution for families providing care for their loved ones traveling

Peace of mind that they are in a safe place

An “In-between” solution for people who have had a hospital or Skilled Rehab Facility (Nursing Home), but are not quite ready to go home

Unsure about Assisted Living? Try before you buy

What Respite Provides:

24-hour daily care and support for needs (such as, medications to everyday tasks)

Comfortable rooming, food, and activities

Safety, security and health support with onsite nursing

Respite Care Costs at Nikkei Manor = All Inclusive. What does that Mean?

All-inclusive flat rates control family budgeting and avoid unplanned costs.

There are three buckets to caring for residents:

  • Room & Board (meals, housekeeping, etc.)
  • Care Costs (helping with medications, tasks, etc.)
  • An assessment is conducted to determine your loved ones needs.

Amenities (TV, Phone, Wifi, etc.)

Rate Structure:

  • 6 days or Less: $450
  • Weekly Rate: $2500
  • Monthly Rate: $7500

Contact us for more information about our Respite Program today.

If you are looking for the perfect short-term stay, let us show you why Respite Care at Nikkei Manor is a great decision for both you and your loved one.